Few things are as important to the success of a school as its relationships and partnerships with the community it serves.

Supporting your local high school feels good, and gives your corporate culture a sense of purpose and affect – and we also know that it’s nice to get something in return, so we make it a priority to let you know how much we appreciate you and the difference you make.

With SchoolAwards, community businesses are recognized for their contributions, letting everyone at the school, at athletic events, and other school gatherings know exactly who in their community supports and believes in them enough to invest in them.

Learn more about school fundraising here.

When you become a SchoolAwards sponsor, we offer you the choice to sponsor at Platinum, Gold, or Silver levels, and with each increasing level, your company enjoys further benefits and recognition.


Banners will be displayed on sports fields and at events, basing the placement of the banner on the level of sponsorship. (The higher the level of sponsorship, the more premium placing the banner will receive at one of those fields)


We are also doing a sponsor ad program. This sponsor ad program is going to be distributed at school events. It is going to be distributed at football games, basketball games, wrestling matches, girls basketball games, also we are wanting to have this distributed at the plays and musicals that take place at the high school. Now in this ad book, not only is it going to list the sponsors and their businesses, but it is also going to recognize students through pictures of the programs that they are participating in and also important fun facts about the school of how the school is excelling.


Each sponsorship level qualifies for a specific size ad (see above), and includes a unique QR code for your ad, that directs customers to your website, or to a Facebook page, etc…


Each event will have four stickers placed on a random ad throughout. At each event, the PA announcer will direct the audience to look in the SchoolAwards sponsor ad program and find the stickers. The lucky sticker-finders will receive a free t-shirt, and the contest creates automatic full exposure of all the ads for the sponsors as audience members carefully comb through their programs to find the winning sticker.


We will also provide a sponsor plaque that can be proudly displayed at your place of business. The plaque is a classy 8×10 plaque that shows that you are a SchoolAwards sponsor. This helps you in two ways:

  1. It shows the people in the community that come in and patronize your business that you support your schools.
  2. It gives a clear indication to others who may be seeking funding sponsors that you have already made your contribution to the school through the SchoolAwards program.